Terrahawks Characters: Dr. Ninestein


Name: Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein.
Species: Human male (genetic clone).
Birth details: 20th Dec 1973, United States.
Nationality: American.
Military rank: Commander.
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Battlehawk Battlehawk Dr. 'Tiger' Ninestein


Dr "Tiger" Ninestein is the result of an American military cloning project. His "father" was Professor Stein, an Austrian scientist who later settled in America. At the age of 41 Professor Stein donated some of his own genetic material to the Texas based cloning project. Nine "Stein" clones were nurtured through infancy and grew into healthy boys. Dr Ninestein and his brothers were then split up and sent to different areas of the world to grow, learn and mature.


CIC of the United Nations High Command until 2013. Creator and commander of the "Terrahawks Earth Defence Squadron".